miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Some great sightings!

The last two months have been spectacular on the island. Well there have been many migratory birds, both common and rare sightings. One in particular caught my attention and was the sighting of a Parasitic Jaeger(stercorarius parasiticus) on the coast of Arecibo. After some friends inform me, I made several attempts to find him but were unsuccessful. This bird had only a couple of sightings for the island. But this year there were surprises.

The parasitic Jaeger is a bird, which honor its name, follows the of terns group to take their fishing or food. Due to the severe storms and hurricanes formed this year in both the Caribbean and the Gulf, large numbers of terns were on their way south were diverted to the Caribbean.

After 2 weeks of the first sighting in Arecibo, my friends saw again, not one but 3 Parasitic Jaeger. That same day there is another in Barceloneta, this time I was lucky to see it, finally. This one was diferent to the ones observed in Arecibo, as those observed at Arecibo were light morph and the one i saw was a dark morph. I Achieve take a picture of Jaeger chasing a group of terns. In the picture manages to distinguish its distinctive white markings on the wings.

Then 2 weeks later, was reported another in Añasco, for a total of 4 Parasitic Jaeger in the Puerto Rico this year. We also managed to see several Black Terns, rare sightings for the island. Another sighting was a spectacular Buff-Brest Sandpiper. We observe in the town of Toa Alta. This is the first record of this species on the island.