lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Banded Ruddy Turnstone 2

Some days ago I wrote about two Ruddy Turnstone with bands that I saw on the beach of Barceloneta. Well today I received the certificate of the second Ruddy Turnstone that I saw that day. This one was banded in CUMBERLAND COUNTY, NEW JERSEY, USA, hatched in 2000 and is a female. I am get quite a thrill today to receive the notification and also do this to document this bird with band. I've grown fond of this flock of Ruddy Turnstone since arrive every year to Puerto Rico. I have a picture of one of these birds in 2009. That means that every year after they nest in the north, they return to PR. Every year when the flock reaches the coast of Barceloneta I go out to observe and photograph, and will continue each year.

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